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Making Sense of Computer Evidence

Why choose us?

Whether at short notice or out of hours we are always approachable and accommodating.

We operate on the principle that you should deal with the same individual throughout and receive a tailored service with a fast turnaround as standard, not at a premium.

Our reports are written to be read and understood. Our findings are presented in plain English, ensuring that any technical jargon is fully explained.

We don’t just provide a service; we provide a service you will want to use again.

Who we are

Leyson Data was established in 2002 and has provided a consistent and reliable examination / expert witness service to clients nationwide.

Whilst the nature of a forensic analysis can vary from preserving and retrieving information to reconstructing a series of events it is our role as experts to convey the current state of a digital artefact; whether in the form of an entire computer system, mobile messaging, e-mail messages or electronic documents.

As certified examiners with experience in a broad range of forensic tools, we deal with all manner of cases from a single image through to complex frauds.

For a free appraisal without obligation, or to obtain references, please contact us on 0330 088 1820.

CALL US TODAY 0330 088 1820

Out of hours: 07957 280764      EML: info@leysondata.com