Whether it comes from a computer, mobile phone, social media account or call data records as examples, digital data is all the same to us.   Whilst our work typically centres on civil & criminal matters that require an expert witness report, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your issue and assess whether we can help.  Legally-aided work undertaken.

In simple terms, our role is to establish ‘how it got there’ and ‘what happened to it’. Our cases have ranged from reviewing a single text message to an investigation of over 60 computers. The nature of a forensic analysis can vary from preserving and retrieving information to reconstructing a series of events. In addition to using a broad range of forensic tools, such as EnCase, X-Ways, Cellebrite and AXIOM, we examine the underlying data and conduct practical tests to gain a clearer insight into digital artefacts.


Computer Forensics • Mobile Forensics • Cloud Forensics • Expert Witness • Data Recovery

What our clients say


"Whenever I require a forensic computer expert Leyson Data is my first and only port of call. They consistently come up with material that has been overlooked by others."



"Leyson Data has assisted us on a number of terrorism cases.  Their forensic examinations and subsequent reports are always accurate, thorough and to the point."