Computer Forensics • Mobile Forensics • Cloud Forensics • Expert Witness • Data Recovery

Whilst the nature of a forensic analysis can vary from preserving and retrieving information to reconstructing a series of events, it is our role as experts to convey the current state of a digital artefact; whether in the form of an entire computer system, mobile device, social media, message or document.

In addition to using a broad range of forensic tools, such as EnCase, X-Ways, Cellebrite and AXIOM, we look at the underlying data and conduct practical tests to gain a clearer insight into the provenance and context.


Our cases have ranged from reviewing a single SMS text message to an investigation of over 60 computers. In general, our work covers the following:

  • Securing forensically sound copies of data from computers, mobile devices and online content (social media platforms, cloud backups / storage etc.)

  • Provenance of images and documents.

  • Recovery of internet browsing, chat activity and other ‘history’ which can assist in identifying an individual user and a mode of operation.

  • Locating evidence left behind relating to file sharing (also referred to as P2P or Torrents) activities.

  • Identifying and providing materials, such as e-mails, documents and time-based activities in a practical format for review.

  • Establishing the likely location of a mobile phone based on the network provider’s call data records.

  • Data recovery.

  • Confirm the methods and findings of work undertaken by others.

  • Attendance at court as an expert witness or in an advisory capacity.

Our typical cases include:

  • Corporate and personal matters

  • Fraud

  • Indecent, prohibited or extreme images

  • Grooming

  • Tribunals

  • Harassment

  • Terrorism

  • Murder

  • Unauthorised access

  • Copyright and trademark offences